Kentucky DB Marcus Walker Was Popped For A Little Weed & Coke This Morning

via Lexington Jail
TIME TO PAY THE PLAYERS! WAIT A MINUTE, I ASSUMED ALL SEC FOOTBALL PLAYERS WERE ALREADY BEING PAID. WHAT’S GOING ON AT KENTUCKY? You know that NCAA commercial where they’re like, “Our athletes are going pro in something other than football” — yeah, not Kentucky DB Marcus Walker — allegedly. He was taken down this morning and booked into the Lexington jail for some drug possession.
From the look of things, there might’ve been a small confrontation when cops took down Mr. Walker. From WKYT:

Lexington police have arrested Kentucky defensive back Marcus Walker on multiple drug charges.
Walker was charged with trafficking marijuana and cocaine, along with a paraphernalia charge. He was booked in the jail just before 6 a.m. Thursday.
Walker’s arrest citation says he was possessing an estimated five pounds of marijuana and an ounce of cocaine. Police also found a large amount of cash and a cash counter when executing a search warrant.

Normally I wouldn’t bother with a blog on something like this if it were out of the Big Ten, even if it was a Michigan football player getting dragged to jail. But it’s the SEC we’re talking about and it’s the offseason. It Just Means More. Innocent Until Proven Guilty.
Walker played in 12 games and had five tackles. I would’ve assumed the Kentucky handshake line would’ve taken care of Walker. That’s why I’m saying Innocent Until Proven Guilty here. No way Kentucky football players need to be slingin’ drugs on the side.

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