LSU Pitcher Lies To Coach About Hitting Bombs In High School To Get A Critical AB, Hits 2-Run Double

Today we meet LSU pitcher Todd Peterson who after yesterday, is probably now my favorite college baseball player. Let me set the scene: we have a 4-3 ball game in the top of the 12th inning with men on base and a one-run lead for LSU. Todd Peterson had just come in and thrown 5 relief innings and is now due up to bat. Keep in mind, this is his first career at-bat, so his coach tells him not to swing to avoid any freak injury. What does he do? He cranks a two-run double off the wall.
Great story, but let me rewind for a second. During his AB, South Carolina changed pitchers. While this was going on, LSU’s manager comes over and asks Todd if he ever hit in high school. Being the legend that he is, Todd told him hit bombs in high school when in reality, he hasn’t had a real AB in a game since 8th grade. He still tattooed one off the wall.
What’s even better is that his coach literally found all of this out at the post-game press conference.

So to recap: this kid hasn’t hit in a game in 7-8 years. He lies to his coach and tells him not only did he hit in high school, but he hit nukes. Then he knocks in 2 runs in a CRUCIAL situation in an elimination game in the SEC tournament. What a legend.

Out of all of this, Peterson’s post-game interview on the field was the best

“What was your mindset up there?” “Go yard.”

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