The Rangers Celebrated Bartolo Colon's 45th Birthday With A Cake Smash

May 24 is a very special date for many baseball fans, as it’s the birthday of everyone’s favorite sizable pitcher, Bartolo Colon. Big Sexy, who has managed to attain cult status over recent years despite having a secret family and once testing positive for a drug, turned the big 4-5 on Thursday, a milestone that was celebrated with teammates smashing his face into a cake. Some might say this was appropriate.

Bartolo didn’t fare well in his last start against the Yankees, but still owns a very passable 3.51 ERA and 0.92 WHIP on the season. You’ll take that any from someone you sign to a minor league contract. Hell, the Rangers might even be able to flip him to a contender for a prospect in a month or two.

Sexy rendition of “Happy Birthday” performed pre-cake smash:


Bartolo Colon birthday tributes around Twitter:

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