Samantha Busch Sells Us On Switching To Walmart Family Mobile

As you guys already know, we’ve been big fans of Samantha Busch around BC for years because she’s one of the only wives on the NASCAR circuit that will post fun things on social and attend Super Bowl parties like the Leather and Laces events. I’ve seen Samantha and Kyle at a couple different Leather and Laces parties. They’re always a good time.
Now they have a child, Brexton, so things have changed a little bit and Samantha has different duties from the pre-children years. She’s thinking of things like life on the road, how to stay connected with family and she’s doing it all via Walmart Family Mobile where you can get unlimited talk, text and data at 4G LTE† speeds.
More from the expanding Samantha Busch portfolio:

As an extension of the Kyle Busch Foundation, in 2015 the couple launched the Kyle & Samantha Busch Bundle of Joy Fund, a monetary award to help couples pay for IVF treatments. After experiencing infertility personally – and the joy of having their own son Brexton – Samantha and Kyle made it their personal mission to financially assist other families in having their own bundles of joy. The foundation also strives to raise awareness about infertility and push for insurance coverage of infertility treatments.
As the Executive Director of the Kyle Busch Foundation, Samantha is directly involved in helping the foundation achieve its mission to empower children, families and communities to overcome hardship by providing financial, material and experiential tools to allow them to live their best lives possible. The primary annual KBF projects include providing Christmas presents for children in need and gifting underprivileged high school girls with beautiful prom dresses – both causes that are near and dear to Samantha’s heart.

Today we learned:
• Samantha has a clear plan when she will let Brexton start using his Instagram account
• The family bus is littered with TVs
• Her plan for Kyle’s Father’s Day gift
• Which NASCAR kid will be Brexton’s biggest competition down the road when he starts racin’

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