Buy This Cleveland Browns Tailgate Truck For the Mayfield Era — Just $3,500!

Currently available in Akron is the best Cleveland Browns tailgating truck we’ve seen all offseason. It’s a 1995 GMC Step Van that has totally revamped into the perfect space for Browns fans to lament after devastating losses — or possibly celebrate wins if Baker Mayfield is, in fact, the truth.

If you’re like me and despise half-assed tailgating vehicles that have no heart, you’ll love this Browns truck. It’s littered with Browns fixtures, anti-Ben Roethlisberger posters, and even a corner dedicated to Johnny Football. The seller says it can seat up to 10 people and allegedly runs fine. Asking price is a very reasonable $3,500.
From the ad:

This is a 1995 GMC Step Van (Aramark, UPS Style) re-dedicated for tailgating at Cleveland Browns games. If you’re a Browns fan then this truck is for you. All memorabilia inside comes with the truck. Fully decorated inside/out. Has a built in toilet, deep cooler as well as benches and seating for up to 10 people, floor is astroturf green carpeting. Stereo system and fold down table for preparing meals while tailgating. Perfect place for celebrating all those Browns victories or drowning your sorrows with some beverages. Also, doubles as a nice construction truck due to being able to get full 16′ deck boards inside with no issues. Runs like a champ!!!

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