Serena Williams Reportedly Put On A Beer Pong Clinic At The Royal Wedding

Everything about the Royal Wedding sounds like a stuffy affair, but things got a little LIT, at least for royal standards, at the post-ceremony reception. According to The Sun, there were dance-offs, whiskey bars, burger stands and even everyone’s favorite drinking game… beer pong!

Former women’s tennis No. 1 (for now) Serena Williams partook in the BP activities and apparently showed no mercy — details from the report:

The bride’s US heritage was marked with the boozy American university drinking game beer pong, where players throw table tennis balls into cups of beers which their opponents then have to consume.

The reception insider said: “Sere­na Williams played beer pong like it was tennis. Everyone had so much fun with it, there were even fireworks.”

If the snooty wedding guests weren’t already at a disadvantage, Serena revealed on IG that she had sneakers on under her dress. We’re guessing the comfortable footwear didn’t hurt as she forced the competition to drink up.