The Spurs Are Replacing Their Cheerleaders With A "Coed Hype Team"

If you weren’t already turned off by the San Antonio Spurs for engaging in a public feud with their franchise player, this news will certainly do the trick. Per News4 San Antonio, the Spurs are disbanding the Silver Dancers in favor of a “35-member coed hype team” that is more “family friendly.”
Details from the report:

Spurs Sports & Entertainment will be introducing a 35-member coed Spurs hype team at the beginning of the 2018-19 season that will elevate the game day experience and energize crowds with a diverse array of unique family-friendly talents, including tumbling, acrobatics, dance and stunts. As ambassadors of the San Antonio Spurs brand, hype team members will participate in a variety of community events and public appearances as well as perform at home games. The name of the team will be announced at a later date.
“We are excited to announce our new Spurs hype team,” said Spurs Sports & Entertainment Vice President Tammy Turner. “This team will further enhance the game-night experience for Spurs fans at the AT&T Center.”

The Silver Dancers were established by the Spurs in 1992 and have been around for five NBA titles, six conference championships, and 15 division titles. Now-former members of the team took to social media to criticize the notion of there being a “lack of fan interest” and express sadness over the unexpected news:

The Silver Dancers Instagram and Twitter pages have already been deleted. RIP (1992-2018)
Sidenote: A petition urging that the Silver Dancers stay active is up on They have already received 737 signatures and will easily reach their 1,000 goal.

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