Watch A Couple Of Preakness Bros Brawl It Out In The Mud

This morning everybody is going to be talking about Justify staring a Triple Crown in the face and Bob Baffert winning what seems like his 10,000th straight race, but that’s not what we’re here for. Yeah, it might’ve been a historic moment yesterday, but let’s not forget about the Pimlico infield where the common folk get down. That’s where the real content comes from.
Now, ever since they banned the toilet run at the Preakness, it feels like the infield has toned down some the last few years. But with the rain and fog yesterday, it was back to being a total shitshow. We had people up to their knees in mud. Some just dove right in, some tried to stay as clean as possible with absolutely zero success. Its what the infield is all about, you gotta be prepared to get down and dirty.
These guys know what I’m talking about. One minute your betting ponies, the next you’re rolling around like a pig trying out your best choke hold.

This is what makes the Preakness great and also why they should’ve never banned the toilet run. Pimlico should just embrace being the circus leg of the Triple Crown. The derby is the classy event with the hats and the mint juleps, the Preakness is where you can shotgun a thousand beers and roll around in the mud.

This guy had the time of his life

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