Johnny Manziel Tiger-Cats Jerseys Already Flying Off the Shelves

I have to hand it to Johnny Manziel. The guy hasn’t taken a professional snap since 2015 and he still manages to move merch with ease. Over the past few months, Johnny’s sold Comeback SZN hoodies and tees in bulk, Spring League jerseys, and now that’s he’s across the border he’s working the same magic with Hamilton Tiger-Cats jerseys. Suffice it say the Johnny Football #brand has certainly prevailed through all the drama.
Drew Edwards of 3DownNation tweeted Saturday that familiar No. 2 has been a popular seller since news of Johnny’s signing spread:

The buzz on Twitter seems to indicate this Manziel Ticats jersey is without a doubt the hottest Canadian product at the moment:

The bad news? The only way people in the states can buy one is by customization, which will set you back around $200:

Fan-favorite Maziel sticking around for autographs after the first day of camp:

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Buy The 'Purple Haze' Kansas State Tailgate Bus — $7,999
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