Don't Look Now…Johnny Manziel Is Hoodie & T-Shirt Mogul

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Have you been been watching Johnny Manziel’s IG story feed this week? Is this guy selling t-shirts and hoodies or is this guy selling t-shirts and hoodies? Unreal. The guy just announced the opening of the Manziel ComebackSZN store on January 20 and he’s already packing delivery trucks with product to move out.
The hoodies are flying off the shelves.
And those are $50 hoodies. And appear to be Gildan hoodies. I love this country!
As for the actual comeback, Hamilton in the CFL is heading towards a January 31 deadline given to them by John Football. He wants to be the highest paid player in the league. As for how things are going with Johnny and the Hamilton media….well, it’s not the best right now.
Drew Edwards, who covers the Ti-cats wrote this on January 19 after analyzing Football’s IG story feed:

While he may be without a team or a contract, the social media and marketing components of Johnny Manziel’s self-branded “Comeback SZN” are already well underway.
At this point, that’s not a good thing.
The latest instalment features the controversial quarterback, who’s negotiation rights are owned by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, rapping the lyrics from convicted domestic abuser Chris Brown while rocking his soon-to-be released “Comeback SZN” hoodies.

That’s right, the local media is analyzing the songs he’s singing in a car. Not a good start. Something tells me he’s not going to Hamilton. Just a hunch. At this point it all feels like a troll of the CFL. Now he just needs Vince McMahon to rescind his “no criminals” stance for the XFL.
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