‘Tyler’ Bauer Made An Appearance At Minute Maid Park Last Night

Relax Tyler … those World Series balls spin a little different…. 😭 https://t.co/MZ7iIPXhbC

— Alex Bregman (@ABREG_1) May 1, 2018

I don’t know how deep you guys follow MLB feuds, but we’ve had a mini one going on basically all season between Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer and the Houston Astros. You might remember Bauer dropping a little subtle accusation on Twitter that the Astros pitchers doctor their balls to increase their spin rate. That led to basically the entire Astros squad from Verlander to McCullers to Bregman coming after Bauer on Twitter. It reached its peak when Bregman very disrespectfully called Trevor ‘Tyler’.

Finally, last night these two teams played for the first time since this little spat got going and even though Bauer isn’t pitching in the series, he came prepared.

Tyler Bauer in the @Indians dugout…against @astros pic.twitter.com/jL24aMjEgX

— Karen Warren (@karenwarrenHC) May 19, 2018

Also, the fans were ready for Bauer as well.

LMAOOOOO I needed to see this fan. Chill Bro. #NeverSettle #Astros pic.twitter.com/dDc7GAHJPD

— B (@BritniB714) May 19, 2018

The good news is this feud, or whatever you want to call it, has turned good natured as Bauer tried to donate to Lance McCullers charity as a part of his ’69 Days Of Giving’. 

Donation 51/69 goes to The @LMcCullers43 Foundation. It aims to get pets out of sticky situations by promoting pet adoptions, raising awareness for shelters and programs, and continuing the journey to a no-kill world. Tell me about your charity. https://t.co/PSouuufsQ3 pic.twitter.com/WsKwmXZ58B

— Trevor Bauer (@BauerOutage) May 18, 2018

Tyler, thanks for the exposure. Also, we will be re donating your funds to another local Houston charity, since you love us so much! Tag your charity below. https://t.co/hKZAyev9o4

— Lance McCullers Jr. (@LMcCullers43) May 18, 2018