College Baseball Closer Blows Chunks Behind The Mound Before Locking Down The Save

via @D3BaseballPod
If you have a queasy stomach and don’t want to watch this college pitcher puke his guts out on your Friday morning, don’t worry because we aren’t working with the greatest video quality here. You can get the idea from this wide angle video. But I just want to point out the balls on this kid.
Let’s set the scene. We got a 4-2 game and the closer comes in to slam the door with a decent cushion. Keep in mind this is a D-III regionals game, so we’re talking postseason baseball here. Closer Nick Bosma takes the mound and immediately walks the first batter. Not what you want out your closer. Then he calls time, takes a step behind the mound and starts blowing chunks all over the rosen bag for a good 25 to 30 seconds. DEFINITELY not what you want out of your closer.

Luckily, this kid’s got a pair on him because after he blew those chunks, he sacked up and went 1-2-3 on the next three batters with a popout and a double play. Now that’s a closer.

They had to play three more games after this on the puke field…that’s D-III baseball for you

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