A Disgusted Buck Showalter Wasted No Time Pulling Kevin Gausman

Kevin Gausman did not fare so well during his start against the Red Sox tonight. He wasn’t Dylan Bundy bad, but he did allow eight hits and six runs over four-plus innings. No bueno.

His death knell came in the fifth inning when Xander Bogaerts blasted a meatball over the Green Monster for a three-run home run. The pitch soured O’s skipper Buck Showalter so much that he made a beeline for the pitcher’s mound while Bogaerts was rounding the bases. Watch the incredibly disrespectful — albeit pace-of-play friendly — move below:

For those who didn’t bother to watch all the way through a 45-second clip, Buck had already reached the infield as Bogaert passed third:

Showalter getting to the mound to take out Gausman after Bogaerts HR (before Bogaerts finishes rounding the bases).

Well then… pic.twitter.com/iJOA6JYWdB

— Rob Friedman (@PitchingNinja) May 18, 2018

Prior to this clunker, Gausman had only allowed seven runs runs over his last 36 innings. Clearly Buck doesn’t give a f—k as he manages a team that will inevitably go through a firesale in the near future.