Reuben Foster's Ex-Girlfriend Testifies She Lied About Abuse To "F*** Up His Career"

Today we have a pretty significant update on the Reuben Foster domestic violence allegations that led to him being arrested on 3 felony charges back in April. The details of the original accusations were not good, to put it lightly. They included claims that he dragged her across their apartment and even threw their dog during the argument. Again, not good.
However, it turns out they were all lies, at least according to his accuser. Today, she had her chance to testify under oath on these charges and took that opportunity to reveal that she made all of it up to ruin Foster’s career. That, and to get a little money out of it.

She also testified that this isn’t the first time she’s falsely accused a boyfriend of domestic violence. She says she did the same thing back in 2011.

So take that how you want it. Domestic violence is such a tricky topic in this day and age that I’m going to go ahead and dance around this one. I’ll just say this: good on the Niners for not making any drastic decisions when this all came out and let the process play itself out. I’ll leave it at that.

Here’s some more details from the testimony

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