Buy This Fully Loaded Kansas City Chiefs Tailgate Short Bus — $11,500

via Facebook Marketplace
Some scavenging around the Facebook Marketplace has turned up something that will undoubtedly pique the interest of Kansas City Chiefs fans. Currently available in KC is the 1986 Ford E350 Super Duty Cutaway (a.k.a. The War Wagon) above, obviously suited up to steal the show at Chiefs games during the Patrick Mahomes Era. The seller is looking to move it for $11,500 and boasts new tires, “new, rebuilt” carburetor, and an attached grill as his selling points.
From the Facebook ad:

65,000 Miles
Automatic Transmission
Awesome tailgating Chiefs bus fully loaded complete with TV new front tires great brakes brand new rebuilt carburetor and 2 year old engine fully working great tailgate vehicle tons of fun contact me via pm for more details.

Given the Chiefs/Royals hybrid bus is long gone, we feel comfortable saying this might be the best Chiefs bus on the market right now. PM the seller ASAP to get the ball rolling.
*As always, no one on BC has connections to the seller and will not receive commission on a potential sale.
via Facebook Marketplace

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