Looks Like The Raptors Twitter Account Forgot The Raptors Fired Dwane Casey

Last Friday, the Raptors fired their head coach Dwane Casey after LeBron laid his nuts on the table for four games and ripped out the soul of every Canadian basketball fan, while simultaneously adding yet another body to his fired head coach graveyard. It was somewhat of a controversial decision seeing as Casey led them to a franchise record in regular season win along with the #1 seed in the east, but when LeBron kicks your dick in three years in a row in the playoffs, I can see where they’re coming from.
Now is where we get to the awkward stuff because even though Casey got canned, he’s been up for all the Coach of the Year awards. He’s already wrapped up one of those: the COTY selected by his peers. He got that one day after being fired.
Fast forward a week and last night all the media selected award finalists were announced, including COTY, which Casey is the favorite. It’s only right that some congratulations are in order, just maybe not from the Raptors, who seemingly forgot that they just fired this dude.

Chalk this one up to Canada once again being too nice to a fault. Instead of actually being nice, they just stumbled into the most cold-blooded tweet of the NBA playoffs. You can’t just congratulate a guy you just fired. This tweet is still out there living and breathing 12 hours later, which means there are no plans to delete it.
But the reactions were great, as expected.


I had to check and see if they doubled up the “congrats” on IG as well…

Nope, just this “thank you” post from the day after he got fired, which is a totally normal thing to do after you just fired a guy.


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