Uh Oh, Looks Like Boogie Cousins Is Beefing With The Pelicans On IG

Guess this IG situation between Boogie Cousins and the New Orleans Pelicans means that the 25 ppg guy is finished with the team he’s played for over the last couple seasons after being traded from Sacramento. One move like unfollowing your team on IG sends a clear signal that you’re not playing games. OVER. FINISHED.
Of course there’s a max contract situation that Boogie is looking to get signed on the dotted line. As of April, the Pelicans had different ideas considering the fact that Boog has been down with an injured Achilles:

“The Pelicans have broached internally the idea of offering Cousins a two- or three-year deal at less than the max, per sources familiar with the discussions … Only a half-dozen or so teams have max-level space this season, and most won’t pursue Cousins at that level, sources say. He doesn’t make sense for rebuilding teams. Even bad teams hungry for a big jump in wins next season — say, the Suns — can’t be confident Cousins will be ready to produce at his usual All-Star level until 2019-20, anyway.”

I’m going to guess the “pain” is that the Pelicans would dare make a business decision that is a slight to Boog. 2-3 year deal? Feelings hurt! Time to drop a hot IG and make an obscure reference. Pray for Boogie, he made only $18,000,000 this season.

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