Nothing Gets Me Jacked Up For The Lingerie Football League Like A Good Brawl

Some of you millennials that stop by BC have no clue that the LFL used to actually be the Lingerie Football League before the snowflake owners of the LFL went all snowflake-y because they wanted games to be on MTV2 and sponsors were like, ‘Nah, you can’t call this the Lingerie Football League…we’ll never get sponsors to go along with it.’ Now it’s 2018 and you millennial snowflakes get the LFL games on YouTube or wherever. I have no clue who broadcasts this stuff these days.
I don’t even know if that legendary head coach of the Seattle franchise is still around. His locker room rants were legendary. His on-field rants were even better. See below.
Anyway, here’s what happened recently during an Atlanta Steam vs. Austin Acoustic game. From the LFL media press department:

As the Atlanta Steam and Austin Acoustic battled to the very end, in a 18 to 14 thriller won by the Acoustic. Another battle, a more personal battle, took center stage between Atlanta’s Alfye Gore and Austin’s Kendria Robinson.

Kinda reminded me of an AJ Green vs. Jalen Ramsey scenario.

Brought the whole family:

Throwback Thursday…Chris Michelson all LIT AF:

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