The Alabama-UCF War Continues…Scott Frost Is Now Going After Bama's Claimed National Championships

Alright, we’ve officially reached the “this has gone on WAY too long” stage of the battle between UCF and Alabama over this dumb National Championship claim. I’ll admit, it was fun at first when UCF’s athletic director claimed the title after the Peach Bowl. I even got behind the parade they had after the season. But then UCF gave out rings and hung banners at their spring game and it started to get a little weird. Then Bama responded to that with their little participation trophy stunt at a T-Town bar and I figure that could probably be the end of it.

BUT NOPE, somehow we’re now in the middle of May and we’re still doing this dance. Now we have this war of words between Scott Frost and Nick Saban in the media over claimed title nonsense and I’m officially out. I’m done with claimed titles.
However, for the interest of this blog, I’ll break down what happened. it started with this quote Saban told USA Today earlier this week:

“If you honor and respect the system that we have, (despite) some of the imperfections that you understand that the system has, then you wouldn’t do something out of respect for the system that we have,” Saban told USA TODAY Sports. “I guess anybody has the prerogative to claim anything. But self-proclaimed is not the same as actually earning it. And there’s probably a significant number of people who don’t respect people who make self-proclaimed sort of accolades for themselves.”

Of course, that riled up all the UCF people. Naturally, that meant Scott Frost, who keep in mind is the head coach at Nebraska now and is still constantly in the media for UCF shit, was going to be asked about it. He responded with this:

So now HE’S taking shots at claimed titles, which of course will get all the Bammers going on Facebook, which will result in Saban responding to these comments, which will result in Frost responding to those, which will result in UCF flaunting their rings which will result in this nonsense lasting for eternity.
Alabama won the 2018 National Championship. End of story. Time to move on.

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