Louisville Basketball 'Escort Queen' Arrested Wearing A Louisville Football Shirt

Remember Katina Powell? The self-proclaimed ‘Escort Queen’ at the middle of the Louisville basketball hooker scandal? Well, she’s back in the news and luckily for UL fans it has nothing to do with her pimping out girls to recruits. However, she did rock the Louisville shirt for the mugshot just as a reminder of her time spent with the program.
Why was she arrested? Nothing prostitute related, just a little check stealin’.
Louisville Courier-Journal: 

Just moments after the court told Katina Powell to vacate her Louisville home Thursday, an officer notified her that she was being arrested and she was led out of court.

Powell declined to comment on what was occurring. Louisville Metro Police spokesman Dwight Mitchell later said she would be charged with criminal possession of a forged instrument and theft by deception.

She is accused of stealing checks from a victim on April 24 and then attempting to cash three of them at Vermont Liquors, according to an arrest citation. The checks totaled $2,900.

Tough to see Katina having a rough go of it. Did she not get any money from that book deal?
In other bad news, this is just a reminder that Rick Pitino still doesn’t have a college coaching job.

Let’s not forget the short period of time Katina jumped shipped to #BBN…guess she’s back

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