Gabriella Abutbol Vs. Outdoor Shower, Chuck Barkley Hears Doughnut & Derrius Guice Avoids Drama

Here we gooooooo with the Byron Nelson in Dallas, I believe. That gets rolling at 4 on Golf Channel. You’ll also get Lightning at Capitals at 8 on NBCSN and the NHL has the night all alone. No NBA until Saturday night. You’ll also get Ohio State-Michigan State baseball at 4 ET on Big Ten Network. Should be a beautiful day for some baseball in the middle of the mitten. And don’t sleep on the NBA Draft Combine at 3 on ESPN2.
Gabriella Abutbol knows how to post an outdoor shower IG
Seems like the MAGA crowd & Derrius Guice will get along today
Laurel or Yanny: Chuck Barkley hears doughnut
Marlins fan proposes at game, but it’s not the ordinary dumb proposals guys go with
Tennis guy John Isner selling house he bought from Jeets
This Florida Woman tried to run over ex-boyfriend twice, hits tree, beats his baby mama with tree branch
Weather Guy throws it to a storm chaser and then this happens
Here’s Lindsey from The U

Marc Being Marc Video of the Week

Burger of the Day

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