Ohio Man Shoots Ohio Man After Ohio Man Harasses Him For Giving Up Game-Losing Turnover In Pickup Game At Church

It’s a very tense time right now for anyone within the Cleveland metro area now that things have gotten real and the Cavs are on to the Eastern Conference Finals against the Celtics. Any little thing can set off a basketball guy right now including a teammate giving up a turnover that leads to the game-winning layup in a pickup game held at a church on a Friday night.
One thing can lead to another and the guy who gave up the turnover goes and gets a gun to confront the teammate who is mad that he gave up the game-losing turnover. That’s the definition of things getting TURNT AF.
From Cleveland.com:

A dispute between teammates who didn’t know each other broke out during Friday’s game, police reports say.
Someone stole the ball from the shooter in the game’s final point, according to police reports. The other team took the ball down and scored a game-winning lay-up, according to police reports.
The 31-year-old man argued with the shooter about the poor play. The 31-year-old man insulted his teammate and said he should beat him up in front of his girlfriend and young son, who were at the gym watching the game, Davis said.
Davis said other players stepped in and separated the men. The shooter left the gym with his girlfriend and son, but returned shortly after, according to police.
He stood just inside the door and fired two shots at the 31-year-old man, who was on the sidelines. One bullet struck his teammate in the right side of his buttocks, according to police.

Here’s the key to all of this: no arrests have been made. Just a couple of Cleveland guys settling things with a couple of bullets whizzing around the gym. Look, the cops know emotions are high right now and that every now and then you need to snap off a couple rounds after a bad ending to a pickup game. These things happen, folks.

#NeverForget Lebron has a great memory, but Chris Paul’s could use some work:

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