Don’t Click On This Video Of An Irish Rugby Guy’s Knee Dislocating

I had to turn away from this video of Irish rugby guy Tom Parsons’ knee dislocating over the weekend during a big playoff match that ended Parsons’ season. You’ve been warned. That knee twists and appears to pop out of his leg. I also looked at the photos on the Independent sports site. Horrific. I’ve seen a few MMA injuries that are deep wounds. those are nothing compared to this guys knee twisting like a chicken wing.

From the

Mayo midfielder Tom Parsons is highly unlikely to feature for Stephen Rochford’s side again this season after he suffered a suspected dislocated knee in their Connacht SFC quarter final defeat to Galway.

The midfielder collided accidentally with Galway player Eoghan Kerin in the second half of the Tribesmen’s 1-12 to 0-12 win and his leg buckled underneath him.

He was attended to on the field and was stretchered off after an eight-minute stoppage.

It never fails that at least one of you complains that I didn’t give fair warning on the severity of the injury in the video. You’ll get mad that I didn’t provide you with a NSFW. No more warnings. Parsons is done for the season.

Here's the front of tomorrow's @mayonewssport We'd like to send our best wishes to Tom Parsons and wish him a speedy recovery. A fabulous footballer and a gentleman to deal with. #mayogaa #GAA

— Mayo News – Sport (@mayonewssport) May 14, 2018