Florida Bro Connor Austgen Arrested For Slapping Kid At Players Championship

via Action News Jax
I have to assume Connor Austgen didn’t catch the final two rounds of the The Players Championship after getting thrown in jail for an LIT AF incident that went down Friday at the course. One thing led to another and Connor was spending the night in the St. Johns County Jail.
Connor got a little too turnt and found a couple 13 year olds to confront for no good reason. From ActionNewsJax.com:

According to deputies, Austgen was drunk next to the “Wine and Dine on 9” area next to the ninth hole.
Austgen approached a pair of 13-year-old kids and insulted them, the police report said. Austgen reportedly pushed one of the kids and slapped another.
Austgen walked away when adults approached, the report said, but deputies quickly located him.

Austgen, via a LinkedIn account that appears to have not been updated in years, lists himself as a student at the University of North Florida. He was a construction worker back in 2012 and might’ve dabbled for a time as a tennis coach. “Taught tennis to over fifty kids from ages 4-16,” Austgen writes.
Maybe he had some sort of blackout flashback. One thing leads to another at the Wine & Dine On 9 and you’re slapping some 13 year old. Weird times.
First Coast News reports:

Austgen is a head tennis pro at Ponte Vedra Inn and Club, according to their website.
He has two previous Duval County arrests, one for exposure of sexual organs in 2011, but that case was disposed. He also was arrested for a DUI, possession of marijuana and open container in 2014.

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