Watch The Washington Nationals Invade In-N-Out

It’s been a successful week on the west coast for the Washington Nationals, to say the least. They got to beat up on the Padres, and have rattled off three consecutive wins against the first-place Diamondbacks — one more today and it’s a clean sweep before heading back to DC.
But this trip isn’t just about racking up wins. It’s also a chance to enjoy some 80-degree weather and the finest fast food the west coast has to offer… In-N-Out! Bryce Harper took to IG story late last night and posted video of the Nats getting off their team bus jonesing for Animal Style burgers and fries. Athletes, they’re just like us! Sometimes.

Those poor In-N-Out employees probably thought it would be chill until closing time, then 25 Nats showed up bumping country music on a Bose speaker. What a nightmare.

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