Let's Find Out How Many Grounds Crew Members It Takes To Corral A Snake On The Field At A Double-A Baseball Game


Last night In San Antonio, we had this pretty big ass snake make it’s way onto the diamond to get a good look at some prospects who may have a future impact in big leagues one day. I imagine this is a common occurrence in Texas, you know, dealing with snakes and what not. However, by the looks of this video, you’d think these grounds crew members had never seen one these things in their life.
Now, I’m not here to judge. I HATE snakes. They’re the worst. But I assumed down in Texas all we would need is one or two hard asses who grew up on a ranch somewhere to mosey on out there to snag this thing barehanded so we could move the game along.
Instead, we got the whole clown car of groundskeepers out there with sticks and buckets. Let’s find out how many it takes to get this snake corraled.

Final answer? Six. Six guys in cargo shorts with a couple buckets is all it took. In Texas, no less. If we’re being honest, I expected better.

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