Scrappy Cowboys WR Cole Beasley Dropped An Entire Rap Album

Remember back in January whenĀ seemingly out of nowhere Cowboys slot receiver Cole Beasley dropped this song on everybody’s head and lit the internet on fire?

Not only was the song not bad, but it actually receivedĀ praise from all corners of the league. This gritty white boy with long, flowing blonde locks had BARS for days. As it turns out, that song wasn’t just something he was doing for fun, but just a preview of an ENTIRE ALBUM that was set to be releasedĀ five months later.
Yesterday, was that day. He dropped a full 13-track album including the single from January.

Now at this point, I think we can agree that Beasley is all in on this rap career. Only so long a 5’8″, 174-pound slot guy can last in the NFL. Before long, you end up like Wes Welker on molly handing out $100 bills to strangers at the Kentucky Derby. Beasley already has that second career on lock. Just look what he told TMZ yesterday.

We talked to Cole and his producerĀ “Phazz” ClarkĀ … and CB says the toughest thing about being an athlete that raps is that he isn’t that at all.
“For this album to be a success, for me it’s really just opening the door for people looking past the athlete trying to rap, to he’s just a rapper who happens to play football.”

Let’s head to Twitter and see how his peers a receiving the album

Street cred through the damn roof…

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