I Have A Feeling Darren Rovell Won't Be Getting A Free Bundt Cake From Marvin Jones Jr.

Marvin Jones Jr.’s wife just got like 5 million impressions on Twitter for her new bundt cake business, Nothing Bundt Cakes in Troy, Michigan thanks to Darren Rovell asking whether it’s smart to go the franchise route and pay a franchisor fee or just open up a new cake shop. I’m not an expert on this stuff, but it sure seems like Rovell is questioning Marvin Jones Jr. and his wife’s business choices. He sure is sweating that 9% fee that Marvin’s wife might have to pay.
And then things exploded on Twitter. I met Marvin Jones Jr. at Radio Row in Minneapolis back in February and have to say he’s one of the quietest NFL guys I’ve come across. He sat at our table for 15-20 minutes talking football with Bruce Gradkowski and I swear the guy looked like he was 16. Talked real low. Nothing boisterous. That’s why I was so shocked to see him go TF off like this on Rovell. That should tell you how not in the mood he was for Rovell to question the franchise vs. startup question.
The wife wanted a Nothing Bundt Cakes franchise. Rovell should’ve found another example to use because this time his ass was getting squashed by a husband who was in the mood to go to war for his wife’s decision. No startup, Rovell. Got it?
By the way, Nothing Bundt Cakes is a 4.5-5 star operation on pretty much any review site. Something tells me the Jones family will be just fine paying the 9% fee.

Rovell gets Moss’d, as T.J. Lang calls it:

Rovell tries to smooth over things so he might get a bundt cake mailed to his house in New Jersey:

And Marvin comes back for one last knockout blow:

And Marvin wasn’t done:


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