Astrology Led Ricky Williams To A $50,000 Bitcoin Investment

Typically when we blog about Ricky Williams it’s because he has something going on in the marijuana business. You know, his primary area of expertise. The weed, however, is taking a backseat today because Ricky using astrology to make major life decisions is so much more fascinating.
Seriously. The former running back told CNBC he’s in the cryptocurrency game — specifically, Bitcoin — because of Uranus entering Taurus. We’ll allow him to explain the logic behind that (via CNBC):

Uranus, he explains, “is about revolution; it’s about a change in the way we do things; it’s about innovation.” And Taurus “is about resources and finances,” says Williams.
The revolutionary aspect of Uranus in astrology, combined with Taurus’ focus on wealth and finance, is leading Williams to predict that, in the near future, “we’re going to totally change the way we view and understand” finances, he says.

“I think as people are starting to become disillusioned with our institutions, that things like blockchain and cryptocurrency, it’s the perfect time for them to catch fire and really change the way we do things. So, you know, I had to get a little piece of that action,” Williams adds.

The report says Ricky dropped $50,000 on Bitcoin and isn’t bothered about the extreme nature of crypto. His reasoning? More talk about Uranus:

“Especially with the planet Uranus and change, [it’s] always going to be volatile in the beginning,” he says. “But, still, it’s more of a conscious choice to contribute to the change. If I do well, then great. If not, I’ll still feel like I did my part to contribute to things moving forward.”

Basically Ricky can afford to lose $50,000 if Bitcoin randomly drops to $0 and becomes worthless. Must be nice to have that NFL cash to fall back on.

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