Clueless Mets Bat Out Of Order

Just when you thought the Mets could not be any more incompetent, they go out and make an oopsie you’d see on a little league diamond.

During their matinee game against the Reds, the Mets made the mistake of batting out of order during the top of the first inning. If you go by the lineup Mets Twitter tweeted out this morning, they were perfectly fine going Nimmo-Flores-Cabrera-Bruce:

However! It turns out the Mets lineup the Reds received has Cabrera batting in front of Flores. This flub ended up costing them a runner in scoring position as Cabrera doubled off Sal Romano.

Jay Bruce ended up being the player paying the price for this idiocy and was basically ruled out for doing nothing. The SNY broadcast explained the confusion and referenced the specific rule (6.03—b3) that would cost Bruce an at-bat:

The Reds may be terrible, but even they can spot a team batting out of order:

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Matt Harvey's Career Hits New Low, Traded to Reds
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