Mercifully, the Mets Finally Decide To Put Jacob deGrom On the DL

Screenshot via MLB Network

For a couple of days there it really looked like the Mets were going to their damn (incompetent) thing and ruin Jacob deGrom. The righty, of course, hyperextended his throwing elbow last week during an at-bat against the Braves — the very Mets’y sequence of events followed:

— Mickey Callaway allowed deGrom to pitch an inning after the injury occurred
— deGrom undergoes MRI Thursday, which was deemed clean, and the Mets say he’ll miss four starts
— Four starts turns into no starts — deGrom is expected to pitch Monday against the Reds
— deGrom throws bullpen sesh on Saturday, reportedly “feels great” according to the NY Daily News
— Mets have a change of heart Sunday, announce deGrom is headed to the DL

The details from’s Anthony DiComo:

Nothing says “overly cautious” quite like flip flopping multiple times on a start or a DL stint for the best pitcher on your roster! This is precisely why the Mets can’t have nice things — well, it’s at least one of the reasons why.

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