Canadian Vols Student Sent To Jail By Georgia Cop, Clearly She Wasn't Drug Running

via Fox5 Atlanta/Emily Nield
Before you snap into Blue Lives Matter mode, chill the fucc out for a minute here and hear me out on the case of the Tennessee recent college grad who was pulled over in Georgia where she got into a situation where cops took her to jail over speeding/license/visa/identification issues that really weren’t issues at all.
Emily Nield was driving on I-75 in April when she was pulled over. One thing led to another and she was shooting a Snap in the back of a cruiser.
From Fox 5 Atlanta:

When the deputy pulled her over, she asked for the usual documents, but that’s when things got complicated.
“She then proceeded to tell me that my Ontario license was not valid in the state of Georgia and that this offense would cause me to be arrested. She said that normally I would be given the speeding ticket and allowed to go on my way but because I had an Ontario license I could not keep driving,” Nield explained.
Nield then said the deputy asked for further proof as to who she was and questioned where she was headed. Nield said she explained she was driving from Florida to Knoxville, Tennessee where she was a student, having just completed her master’s degree in geology.

This is where I have to step in and reprimand the Georgia State trooper. Ms. Nield clearly said she was a student at UT, so she should be able to answer a few Vols questions to prove she’s not lying here.

  1. What’s the name of the Vols football coach who was fired for going 34-27 and turning the program into a complete disaster?
  2. What’s the breed of dog that Vols fans worship?
  3. What’s the name of the most famous QB in Vols history?
  4. Name the former Vols RB who just won the NFL Rookie of the Year Award
  5. What’s the name of the Vols fan who always talks Trump on his Fox Sports Radio Show?

That’s it. Simple test. No need to start shiit with Emily. Give her the test. Any legit Vols student/fan should be able to rattle off those answers, including women in school for a masters degree. Even a Canadian. You don’t go to Tennessee for any type of degree and not know these answers. Doctorate students can’t walk on that campus without knowing Clay Travis.
Nope, the Georgia trooper took this in a whole different direction and now it appears we may have an escalation between Vols and Georgia fans. Escalation between Canadian and U.S. relations.

“After reviewing the facts of the case and in consultation with the arresting agency, I chose not to prosecute the case and entered a nolle prosequi. The probate court worked with Ms. Nield’s attorney to have her record restricted and sealed. The confusion that arose, in this case, was the fact Ms. Nield stated she lived in Tennessee. Non-permanent residents in the United States legally are permitted to get a Tennessee driver’s license or ID card that expires at the end of their visa,” Cook County Solicitor Matthey Bennett was quoted as saying in the released.

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