The Diamondbacks Bullpen Cart Was Finally Used In A Regular Season Game

I know we got to see the Diamondbacks break out the bullpen cart during a spring training game back in March, but it just wasn’t the same when the games don’t count. I figured once the season started, we wouldn’t be waiting too long before some lazy ass reliever took a ride on this thing from the bullpen.

But nope. We had to wait 33 games before someone had the balls to take a ride on this thing. 33! Collin McHugh was the relief pitcher that finally broke the dry spell. Thanks to him we got to see a bullpen cart in action in a regular season game for the first time in 22 long years.

History was made in Arizona last night. We had to wait over a month into the season to finally see this thing brought out, so thanks to Collin McHugh, even if this is literally the least intimidating way to enter a baseball game. He’s an American hero.

Now that the seal is broken, I fully expect to see this on the regular now. Just needed that first guy to make the move.


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