Yadier Molina Took A 102 MPH Foul Ball To The Balls That Required Emergency Surgery

That right there is what it looks like to take a 102 MPH fastball that got barely nicked by Kris Bryant straight to the balls. Very, VERY NSFW for all my fellow men reading this today. Now, normally when catchers take a pitch to the nuts, they roll around for a bit and eventually they can bring themselves to power through it. But this was no ordinary nut shot. After hearing these details of the aftermath, it’s going to have dudes wearing a cup 24/7.
This pitch to the balls was so bad that Yadi was forced to undergo emergency surgery last night to address what they’re calling a “traumatic hematoma”, which I can’t imagine is very good when it comes to your testicles.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina underwent emergency surgery Saturday evening after being hit in his groin area by a foul ball in that afternoon’s game at Busch Stadium, according to president of baseball operations John Mozeliak.
Molina will be sidelined for at least a month, Mozeliak confirmed to the Post-Dispatch on Sunday morning.
Molina sustained a traumatic hematoma that needed immediate medical attention.

“That was a bad one,” Cardinals manager Mike Matheny said after the game about Molina’s injury. “And those ones don’t necessarily feel better tomorrow. That was hard to see.”

Anytime you hear the word “traumatic” when it comes to somebody’s balls, you just can’t help but feel for the guy. And to miss a month because of it? Brutal.
I still haven’t seen a definitive answer if he was wearing a cup when this happened. You’d have to imagine he was, but I’ve seen some people say he doesn’t wear one and others saying that the foul ball actually broke his cup in half and that it was just God’s plan to wreck Yadi’s nutsack yesterday. If he was, that’s a tough break. If he wasn’t, that’s kind of on you, buddy.


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