Kacie McDonnell Slaying Friday Night, Khloe & Tristan Enjoy A Nice Lunch In Cleveland & Odell Gets 30 Pizzas

Show this man the money!

Here’s a little Florida man story that ties in with the draft. From Dallas News:

Police were called to the home of a former college football player in Florida this week after he reportedly threatened employees of the Dallas Cowboys because the team didn’t select him in this year’s draft.

No charges were filed against Keyon Reed, 26.

Police went to Reed’s home in Melbourne, Fla., for a welfare check just before 2 p.m. Thursday after someone from the Cowboys organization reported his calls. “He was making threats to harm people if the Cowboys did not sign him,” a police report says.

Reed was not home when officers arrived, but relatives brought him there a short time later. He admitted calling Cowboys employees because he was upset that the team wouldn’t “show him the real money” and sign him, police said.

You could probably use this kind of crazy on special teams or something.

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Albert Pujols is the only player in major league history with 3,000 hits, 600 home runs and multiple World Series championships.

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I have found the world’s best airport Mullet Man. None of the other #Mullet Man’s come close.

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