VIDEO: We Had A Massive Lax Bro Brawl Between Ohio State And John's Hopkins

I can’t say I’m very familiar with Big Ten lacrosse, but I might have to start after this Ohio State-Johns Hopkins brawl from yesterday. I didn’t even know Johns Hopkins LAX was in the Big Ten. That shows you how much I know. However, I did once smoke pot with Johnny Hopkins, but that’s beside the point.
But let me say this: if we’re getting two teams laying everything on the line to throw some hands in the middle of a semifinal in the Big Ten tournament, I’m all aboard. Let’s watch some lacrosse. I know our guy Bellino was loving it and he was calling the game.
This wasn’t some “hold me back’ fest either. All hell broke loose with the quickness in this one.

Good news is they probably all got high together after the game. Johns Hopkins went on to take the W and will play Maryland (aka the defending National Champs. Just dropping a little LAX knowledge on you) in the Big Ten championship.
Just let me know when these two teams play again.

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