Kentucky LB Kash Daniel Choke Slams Some Urlacher Punk Through A Table #BillsMafia Style

Welp, I know who the Buffalo Bills are taking in the 2019 Draft before the seven rounds are over. Kash Daniel — great football name, BTW — is their guy. That’s Daniel on Thursday throwing Urlacher through a table at some outdoor bash down in Kentucky where the #BBNs are getting ready for Derby weekend.
As someone who keeps track of all things smashed tables, I was shocked to see a Bills Mafia style smashing in Kentucky. I can’t seem to remember a WWE choke slam out of Kentucky. You’ll see one here and there from Cleveland fans, maybe a Detroit Lions fan once every 10 years. This is such a Buffalo thing. That’s why I’m excited to see Kash slam Brian through a table. One thing leads to another and it’s going on at LSU where they normally just fistfight for the fun of it on the Parade Grounds.
From back in April:

After waiting patiently behind two-year starter Courtney Love to seize his spot at middle linebacker, Daniel is living a double life this spring both as program veteran trying to help out the younger players as well as relative youngster in the center of a defense that returns all but one starter.
And that spot is Daniel’s spot to fill.
He’s doing that well so far.
“Kash is gaining a lot of confidence,” Coach Mark Stoops said of Kentucky’s 2015 Mr. Football. “I like the way he’s playing. It’s his time and he’s feeling very comfortable out there. … I like the presence Kash has out there. He’s confident. He’s taking charge.”

Kash is officially the first male UK athlete I’m following on IG. I expect big things out of this guy.

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