Jason Witten Has New Hair?

It sure looks like Jason Witten got new hair to go along with his new job as color commentator on Monday Night Football with Joe Tessitore, which is a huge loss for college football broadcasts on ESPN. I hate to get all conspiracy theorist here, but did Witten go in and get the hair thickened knowing he might need the new lettuce to get a network job or did he just get the lettuce taken care of because he’s a 35-year-old man who doesn’t want to let it go?
All of a sudden Witten walked out to a stage today at Cowboys HQ and had a glorious head of hair that looked perfectly landscaped, which was way different than what he had going on as recently as the regular season. Makes me wonder if ESPN asked him to get the lettuce taken care of in order to get the gig.
As for the press conference/going away conference, the highlights had to be Ginger slapping Witten in the chest twice & then Jerry saying that Jason should’ve knocked the shiit out of Ginger for this…



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