Christian Aguilera Wants Your Attention, Hulk Hogan About To Return To WWE & Bob Kraft's Crew
Warriors at Pelicans at 8 on ESPN and then Rockets at Jazz at 10:30 on ESPN and/or Lightning at Bruins at 7 and Sharks at Golden Knights at 10 on NBCSN. That’s a packed Friday night right there for you to fake watch at the bar while you’re skirt chasing. It’s also Oaks day. That’s on right now on NBCSN. There’s a chance of rain.
Hold up…that’s really a Christian Aguilera music video?
Football guy freaks out over not getting drafted by Cowboys, threatens Cowboys players, SWAT called in
There it is…Hulk Hogan has said sorry for the n-word enough…here comes the WWE return
Bob Kraft with his crew
Christina from ‘Flip or Flop’ just sold her house…take a tour
Florida Man & Woman get married, fight & get arrested all on the same day
Arizona TV reporter takes this pic for IG at double murder scene
Here’s Sarah from Western University

Chuck Liddell Out Here Getting A Workout In Video of the Week

Burger of the Day

Nikki Sia Living The IG Life, Hulk Hogan Redemption Tour Rolls On & Ethiopian Ref Runs For His Life
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