Nikki Sia Living The IG Life, Hulk Hogan Redemption Tour Rolls On & Ethiopian Ref Runs For His Life

Yep, that’s not a misprint…Cavs-Raptors is at 6 ET and it’s on ESPN. Why so early? So the NBA can sneak in 76ers at Celtics at 8:30 on TNT. You’ll also get Tiger Woods today in the Wells Fargo. And two NHL games. And MLB will have a 11 ET first pitch from Orioles at Angels on MLB. Buckle up, it’s going to be an emotional night, especially if Bron can figure out a way to go up 2-0 on Toronto.
Nikki Sia has a strong future on IG
The Hulk Hogan character redemption tour rolls on…he’s really trying to get the rep back after the n-word
Watch: Ethiopian soccer league ref runs for his life after goal call
Sharks fans mess up their own anthem singer
Derby coverage: Grandma & grandpa are LITTY In Louisville
Florida Man ‘Innocent Until Proven Guilty’ arrest of the day
Jacksonville reporter reports Donald Trump guilty of murder, station RTs it
Here’s Madison from Texas

Donovan Mitchell Casual Wednesday Night (IN A VICTORY!!!) Dunk  of the Week

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