Sadly Jose Calderon's Net Worth Is Not $2.2 Billion

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According to Basketball Reference, Cavaliers guard Jose Calderon has made over $81 million in his 12-year NBA career — and that doesn’t even account for the $2.3 million he’s getting from the team this season. Long story short, Jose is quite wealthy and he can probably tack on a mill or two if he decides to hang around for a couple more seasons.
But while Jose is rich, he’s not in super rich territory like Google and Twitter would lead you to believe. This Twitter post by @Kirklandontow showing Jose’s net worth at $2.2 billion because he allegedly inherited stupid money has gone viral of late, but we’re here to tell you it simply is not true.

Per Forbes, that $2.2 billion belongs to brothers Jose and Francisco Jose Calderon Rojas:
Screenshot via Forbes
Sorry to kill the dream of Jose Calderon being a billionaire who opts to live his life as an emergency guard on the Cavs.

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