NFL Execs Chime In On New Cardinals Franchise QB Josh Rosen

Screengrab via NFL Network

Yesterday we all had a good laugh at a story detailing how Browns VP of Player Personnel Alonzo Highsmith was left “bothered” by Josh Rosen after a chance encounter with a UCLA volleyball coach at an airport. It was truly a quintessential Browns scouting story, but maybe we should stop pointing and laughing as an ESPN In$ider piece by Mike Sando seems to indicate NFL execs aren’t exactly in love with the UCLA quarterback.
One exec says “nobody likes him:”

“I was hoping they would stay at 15 and get Lamar Jackson, but I don’t have a problem with what they did,” an exec said. “Everybody recognizes the talent with Rosen, but he is not the top guy in the draft because nobody likes him.”

While another says Cardinals quarterback coach Byron Leftwich isn’t going to let him act like an ***hole:

“Byron will be good for the kid if Rosen allows it,” an insider said.
This insider then let out a chuckle.
“Byron in about a week will probably want to take a poke at him,” this insider continued. “He’s from f—ing D.C., and he ain’t having a cake eater walk in and act like an a–h—.”

Is it fair to ask if anyone likes Josh Rosen as a person? Or is he basically Bo Callahan come to life? As far as comps for Rosen go, three uninspiring names were tossed out:

One called the former UCLA quarterback a combination of Jeff George and Jay Cutler who would struggle to lead a team. Another worried that Rosen was not durable, comparing him to current Cardinals starter Sam Bradford.

You can read more anonymous scouts shoot on draft picks by checking out Sando’s story on ESPN.

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