Skip Bayless Is Tweeting A High School Kid About His College Choice

According to ESPN’s college basketball recruiting site where grown men hangout and sweat the decisions of 17 year olds, they have Romeo Langford as a 5-star, can’t miss recruit who was being courted heavily by Indiana, Kansas and Vanderbilt. He was No. 5 in the ESPN 100. In other words, he was a prized recruit for grown men who sweat this kind of thing.
Enter Skip Bayless. Grown man. Sweats college basketball decisions. Talks about the same subjects day after day after day because some corporate guy knows he can sell ads to those repeated subjects and those subjects get the most attention from mass audiences.
What I can’t remember is Skip Bayless ever opining on where a high school kid should go to college – until last night on Twitter. Yep, Skip went to Vanderbilt. The good news: Romeo picked Indiana.
If you think this college decision thing is going to be the last time Skip talks trash at Romeo, you’re wrong. Romeo’s a big Bron fan. Do you have a player you idolize or maybe a player you would like to use as a comparison?
Romeo Langford: I don’t really have anyone particular in my mind. My favorite player though is LeBron James.

Never forget that Skip averaged 1.4 ppg as a senior in high school & was the team’s 7th man.

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