Yoenis Cespedes Hit A Homerun Directly Into The Bullpen Trashcan

Screenshot via SNY
You might be thinking that somebody hitting a home run ball into a trash can isn’t that amazing. Definitely not worthy of your click on this post. There are a billion trash cans inside a major league ballpark, so the chances of one landing in one isn’t totally out of the realm of possibilities.
But this video is something you might never see again. This missile that Yoenis Cespedes hit last night didn’t land in your ordinary trash can with an open lid and a big target. It was one of those with the holes on the sides of the lid. So basically he had to hit this bomb at a perfect launch angle to put it through that little sqaure.
Somebody get the Statcast nerds on this.
Also, like that tweet above says, doing this should be worth more than 2 runs for the 2-run bomb. It should be like the Rock ‘N Jock 50-point basket. If you can land a homerun right into the side hole of this trash can, we pack our things and call it a night. That team wins. It’s only fair.

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