The Eagles Traded Up In The 7th Round To Take This 6'8", 350-LB Rugby MONSTER

I mentioned this guy in the screencaps this morning but after second thoughts and a few more watches of his highlight tape, I think he deserves his own post. In the 7th round of the draft yesterday, the defending champ Eagles traded up to take this rugby playing beast out of Australia. Zero football experience at all from this guy, but he’s sitting an insane 6’8″ 350 pounds and just wrecked fools on the rugby field.
If you haven’t seen these highlights yet, you’re welcome. This man is like a cross between Bo Jackson on Tecmo Bowl and The Moutain from Game Of Thrones.

Just dead bodies left strewn about after this guy gets the ball. The only problem here is that Philly plans on moving him to offensive line, which would be an utter waste of talent. He’s obviously got the size for that, but speed is something that can’t go unutilized. I don’t think they could put him at running back, but they need to find a way to get the ball in his hands so we can let this absolute unit do his thing.
Also, he’s only 20-years old, which is just preposterous.

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