New Falcons Running Back Ito Smith Was Named After Judge Ito From The OJ Trial

I always love day 3 of the draft because it’s always when we get the good stories. We already know everything about the guys going in the early rounds. It’s been beaten into our brains via mock drafts for the last 3 months. There isn’t much more we can learn outside of where they end up. But once we get to the later rounds, it’s when we start seeing things like wild animals announcing picks and heartwarming stories like Shaquem Griffin going to play with his brother in Seattle.
One of this afternoon’s better stories comes from Atlanta draftee Ito Smith, a running back out of Southern Miss. For those of you who got deep into the OJ trial back in the mid-90’s, you might recognize the name Ito. He was the judge presiding over the case. When Ito Smith was a baby, he looked EXACTLY like the judge and the name stuck for the next 23 years.
Anyone feeling old yet?

David Akers reminded Cowboys fans yesterday that most of these draft picks weren’t even born the last time they appeared in the Super Bowl. Now we have a guy drafted named after the OJ judge. This draft is going to end up sending a lot of people into a mid-life crisis.

His real name? Romarius.

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