Lance McCullers Mixes It Up In IG Comment Section With An Angry Astros Fan
I haven’t paid tremendously close attention to the first month of the baseball season outside of the newest edition of the ‘Baby Braves’ taking a wrecking ball to the national league, so I couldn’t tell you what’s going on with the defending champ Houston Astros. You could tell me they were destroying teams like last year again, or maybe they’re off to a bumpy start, and I would believe either.
However, I took a glance at the standings and they’re sitting pretty in first place with a game and a half lead in AL West. So I’m not sure what Astros fan Diane is worrying about over here in Lance McCullers’ IG comment section.

Thanks, Diane! I guess they’ve lost 3 out their last 5, but first place is first place, lady. No need for the profound advice. Normally I’d say it’s probably better to stay out of the comment section because only bad things happen when you’re mixing it up with angry fans, but sometimes you gotta just get in there and shut someone down.

Obligatory link to McCullers’ hot wife

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