Bruins Fan Celebrates Round 1 Game 7 Win By Taking A Dip In A Boston Street Puddle

Gotta love @NHLBruins fans! #NHLBruins #StanleyCupPlayoffs2018

— RedSox2018WSChamps#DamageDone (@BostonJMD) April 26, 2018

It’s good to see hockey fans start to ramp it up as we start moving deeper into the playoffs. Last night, we had only one NHL playoff game, a game 7 to wrap up round 1 between the Bruins and Maple Leafs. The B’s pulled a wild 7-4 victory out of their ass after going nuts in the 3rd period and putting up 4 goals. They’ll start their series with Tampa Bay in Saturday.

But back to the fans. Yeah, it was only round 1, but Boston fans came to play last night. Anytime you take home a game 7 in the playoffs, I think that gives you free reign to celebrate, no matter the round. You deserve to blow off some steam after you just toed the line of a heart attack for the last 2 and half hours or so. People have their ways of celebrating. Some get hammered, some dance in the streets, some take a dip in some poop water. We all have our ways. This guy clearly enjoys the poop water.

Just a little puddle angel action after a big win. Some may say ‘act like you’ve been there before’ or ‘it’s only round 1’. That’s fine, but if a guy wants to take a swim in a puddle in the street after a game 7, I’m not going to fault the guy. Do you, man.

Just scrolling through instagram photos at the Garden tonight..

— Bruins Stats (@bruins_stats) April 26, 2018