Paulina Gretzky Shares How She Got Her Body Back In Shape…And It Involves Taking Healthy Dumps

This is like five straight days we’ve posted Paulina Gretzky content and at this rate it appears she’s not going to slow down any time soon because, as she pointed out tonight on IG Story, the body IS BACK after two kids and she’s damn well going to let all of the IG Model pretenders out there that the GOAT is taking back her belt.
Paulina revealed the secrets to her body success tonight on her traveling IG account, stating that she went on a no red meat, no alcohol and no dairy diet. I mean, I’m out already because of the no alcohol thing. Not even vodka? I thought that was the strategy of all the weight lossers out there — just get LIT AF on vodka and don’t even sweat the calories.
As for the Colonix stuff she’s talking about, that will run you about $88 on Amazon for a 30 day cleanse. That’s right, Paulina’s looking good because she’s dropped a bunch of deuces that cleaned out her guts. Get on that level, ladies.
A recent review of Colonix:

I took this cleanse for two reasons: 1 parasites and 2 a scrubbing of my intestines. This does an amazing job at both! I have never seen a cleanse that cleans out my intestines like this. There is a definite difference between the old and the new as far as what comes out of you. The old Gunk is strung together like a foot long. It’s denser, darker, chunkier and stinkier. In contrast, last night’s dinner is “fresher”, lighter and way less putrid. This stuff gets the job done. I definitely feel cleaner inside! The fiber is world class. I will be ordering this again!

And one more:

This will scrape out your innard poop pipes like you won’t believe. If you’ve plateaued on weight loss or been eating crap your whole life and decided to clean up your eating habits- this is the Roto Rooter of Poop Shooters. It’s not mean and the people who get constipated are ones who probably don’t drink enough water. DRINK YOUR WATER AND THEN DRINK MORE WATER. Yes, you will have to poop but it’s not, “OH GOD NO, PLEASE NOT NOW!” kind of poop. Follow directions and all will be well and it will clean out all those little crevices that hold ancient goo and then your body will work better, absorb vitamins and nutrients better.

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Here’s how Paulina got the body back…take note, ladies!

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