Paulina Gretzky Isn't Done Dropping IGs From The Bahamas Trip

I said it last week — Paulina Gretzky was going to go on an IG bender while in the Bahamas and not only did the bender happen, she’s still firing away with the IGs from the trip. She went from being super quiet on IG to pumping out four worthy IGs from Baker’s Bay. IG Story was loaded with a bunch of other material. The activity level has been off the charts.
What does it all mean? I guess Paulina’s telling us this summer is about to be LIT AF for DJ. The kid is now taking dumps in the toilet on his own. He’s probably sleeping through the night. Eating with utensils. You know, growing up to a point where mom can go back to slaying social media.
This is great for those of us who work in the content business. Nothing gets your ass clicking like new Paulina material like….

Paulina Gretzky Continues To Slay In The Bahamas
Paulina Gretzky Continues To Slay In The Bahamas
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